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Services to assist providers in the aged care industry to successfully meet the required Accreditation Standards. Our services are affordable, innovative, and tailored to meet your specific needs. We can develop systems and processes that are staff friendly and sustainable.

Our services include:

ü      Conducting gap analysis of all your documentation systems

ü      Internal Auditing

ü      Conducting a mock survey

ü      Preparation for your onsite or desktop audit

ü      Assist in overcoming compliance issues

ü      Develop documentation systems to ensure the required outcomes are met

ü      Provide a suite of assessment tools based on best practice guidelines and the ACFI tool

ü      Develop care planning systems to ensure all residentís care needs are captured

ü      Develop a continuous quality improvement program that is sustainable

ü      Produce Policy and Procedure manuals specific to your needs

ü            Write clinical practice guidelines underpinned by current best practice

ü            Human resources, develop position descriptions and performance appraisals that reflect

        staff skill and performance

We have nurse advisors with aged care expertise and experience in assisting facilities overcome sanctions. Our qualified and skilled nurse educators, Wound Management Consultant and trainers have proven experience in the private, public and tertiary sectors. We can provide education and develop competency packages for your staff in all aspects related to the care of older people.


Based on current best practice guidelines our educational programs equip staff with the knowledge and skills to provide safe and competent care to older people while satisfying all regulatory agencies.


Some of our Programs include:

§          Clinical Assessment of Older People

§          Advanced Clinical Skills

§          Dementia Care

§          Understanding and Managing Behaviours

§          Prevention and Management of Aggression

§          Infection Control

§          Documenting and Evaluating Care

§          Managing Technical and Complex Care Needs

§          Medication Management

§          Assessing and Managing Pain

§          Providing Culturally Competent Care

§          Wound Management

§          44 Tips to Successfully Achieve 44 Outcomes


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