The Health Files Journal 




This journal makes it easy to record your health and medical details in one place.

You may find this journal invaluable...

- in the event of an emergency

- as a way of reducing medical errors

- easy way to record health events

- for looking up vaccinations you have had

- having a record of a person's allergies

- as a record of a family member's health  history 

- details of an elderly relative or carers eg. medications

- for self-monitoring egs. height & weight, blood pressure etc.

- doing a health or exercise plan

- listing your health practitioners' details

                                          ... and more!


More About the Journal

The Health Files: My Health and Medical Records Journal (diary) is comprehensive and informative and includes sections for you to record personal details, medical alerts, health events, allergies, medications and supplements, vaccinations (travel and general), self-monitoring charts, height and weight, risky health behaviours, family medical history, health cover, practitioners' details, advance directives, emergency services, reminders and a lot more! 


This health journal or diary is a portable, A5, wiro bound, easy to use and has over 350 pages and includes images and quotations.


The journal covers are available in six different coloured covers:


                       Navy   Red   Green   Black   Orange   Purple


This Health Files journal could be a wonderful gift to give not only yourself but to others as well.  






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     ActionWorks Health Promotion sessions to workplaces



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          Promote staff health and wellbeing by offering a

          MANAGE YOUR HEALTH education session.     

          This session promotes good health practices 
          and covers
information on stress and how to reduce 
and offers time
 to reflect on any ‘risky health   


          Participants will each receive a copy of The Health Files

          Journal presented by the author and make a start on

          keeping their personal health and medical records.


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